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1. To build digital tools that empower creatives
2. To inspire creativity through education


Everyone should be able to express themselves creatively


Blend plugin


Master Plugin

Master plugin for Figma


Figma Link Shortener Long Figma link → 16 characters only!

Custom Frame Presets

Create your own sets of reusable frame presets with custom dimensions & other settings.

Figma Pacman

Create and customize your own ready-to-play Pacman game right in Figma!

Figma logo built of Pacman and Ghosts

Tiny Plugins

Figma plugins that can be created in a couple of hours. I try to share the process whenever I can.

Process on YouTube

Open Design.

Open Design & Pink Turtles

Olesya and Gleb have been fond of Open Design since 2018 when we first imagined it. Now we are working on a platform called Pink Turtles to bring our vision to life and build the open design community.

Let's chat!

Send nudes

Send nudes text in a 9-point star shape


Sexy Keyboards

White pigeon simple vector artwork

Twitter @gleb_sexy

Guest Book.

Figma guest book file editable by anyone with lots of pictures and texts.
Figma editing tools, Figma toolbar