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Only 1 available. Price: $1000. Shipping included.

Deathpad is an ominous artisan 9-key macropad inspired by the logos of death metal bands and the darkest corners of nature. It's both a unique statement piece and a versatile helper for daily computer tasks. Explore photos below!

Artwork details

  • Over 100 hours spent perfecting the design
  • Dimensions: 30×30cm (12×12") or three 60% keyboards
  • Black resin 3D printed case, matte finish
  • 9 fully programmable keys
  • Bluetooth & wired connection supported
  • MX and Gateron KS-33 switches supported
  • Gateron Ink Red linear switches pre-installed
  • I’m selling a single copy of this artwork for $1000 USD. I accept PayPal and would ship anywhere in the world for free from Kazakhstan (import fees not included). Email me: if interested (yes, this is my real email).

    I didn't make Deathpad to sell — but I would be glad if someone added it to their keyboard collection. Obviously, it's not ideal for day-to-day usage but most people in this hobby have a wall of keyboards they don't use anyway, right?

    Additionally, I'd love to show it at art exhibitions, for that, I'm keeping a single backup copy of Deathpad for myself. If you've got suggestions, please let me know!

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    As darkness blanketed the concrete maze of the city, only the most courageous heroes stayed up and kept working on their digital spells. The Deathpad spread its tendrils, alluring curious minds with its shape. But the late night wanderers stayed cautious — they didn't know whether this creature was friendly. However the magic of Deathpad was stronger as it grabbed them with its twisting vines...

    Deathpad became both a guard and a weapon for the digital creative warriors of the night. Each button press sends a powerful strike of magical automation to speed up and ease all work challenges. In a perfect symbiosis between a human and machine, Deathpad can be programmed to fit the unique workflow and superpwers of every hero whose hand graces its keys. Just craft a digital spell and cast it at any moment with a single key press. Sorcery!

    It is known that Deathpad was created in the name of nature, magic and death metal. As the heroes toiled over their digital spells, the heavy riffs and thunderous drums of death metal helped them stay energized throughout the night. The music's beat drove them forward, like a heartbeat of creativity, and each keystroke became a part of the chord.